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A quality advantage
Xiamen High bathroom equipped with professional quality inspection team, they rely on high-tech industry testing instruments and professional testing standards about knowledge, the standardization of product line, time sampling qualified testing results to ensure the qualified products output

Two operation
Xiamen sanitary with successful operation of proprietary company for many years, accumulated a bathroom industry terminal sales market operation and management experience, to join in the lack of industry experience, can provide the river pastoral bathroom mature and successful operation system, realize high quality operation.

Three products
Professional R & D Xiamen sanitary bathroom products during several years, constantly updated advanced concept of industry, fusion China furniture living habits, has developed for China sanitary ware culture and diverse customer needs Chinese characteristics of bathroom products, products have bathroom cabinets, ceramic sanitary ware, faucet, induction technology such as the four major categories of hundreds of styles. Product mix in more than a flower, enough to meet the needs of customers in the market of high-grade sanitary ware.

The four Logistics
The geographical position is superior, base ourselves on the Hercynian, manufacturing, logistics cost is low, with a few old city central and coastal core market, facing the national sales network, logistics and convenient.

The five profit
The standard scale production, low cost advantage at the same time bring scale procurement, accurate market positioning, cost-effective products, comprehensive system, reasonable price system, make sure to join the high profit space

Six training
The opening of the comprehensive training system, strengthen the sales staff of professional and management training on product awareness

Seven terminal image performance
VI and SI terminal identification system, unified, standardized shaping the brand image.

Eight advertising advantage
Year the company invested heavily into brand advertising in the media, as the stores build brand influence, and to provide a variety of full opening of propaganda and layout design, from the joining trader marketing planning trouble.

Nine service
Provide hall graphic design / customer order processing / terminal sales support and other professional service system support for the franchisee.

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